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Positive Reinforcement Training For A Better Dog


From training your own service dog,
to simply having a well behaved pet,
I can help you!

Thinking about getting a new puppy? Preparation and training can start before you bring home your new bundle of joy.  Talk to me about starting your puppy off right to reduce problem behaviors later. 

Bit off more than you can chew?  Is your new puppy more work than you imagined?  With some fun training games, we can help turn that problem puppy into a well mannered family pet.

Is your dog a: leash puller, non-listener, doorbell barker, counter surfer, company jumper or vet visit villain? Then you have a Feisty Fido! I can help you get your dog to walk on a leash, come when you call, and have  good manners and confidence.

Training a service dog typically starts at birth.  Early manners and socialization are key to a confident service dog but

older dogs can also be trained for service work provided they are confident, well socialized, and have a strong bond with their partner. Let's talk about evaluating your dog for service training!


Pawsitive Barb's Dog Training

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