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Training Services

Start your puppy off right or improve your relationship with your dog!

Puppy Start Right

Get started training your puppy early to avoid problem behaviors, and an out of control dog, later. I can help you create a bond through training that fosters good communication and trust between you and your dog.  These classes are specially designed for pups between 7-12 weeks old.


Early Puppy Board and Train

This is a unique training experience for your puppy. Boarding them at my home facility allows 24/7 exposure to Positive Reinforcement Training and can fast track their learning process. You'll get to bring home a new well-behaved family member that already has basic behaviors and socialization down pat.


Private Training

In your home or mine!

If you have a dog with problem behaviors that are already firmly in place, a different planned approach is needed. My method includes:

  • Identifying the WHY behind the behavior

  • Removing the reinforcers for that undesired behavior (the things that maintain the behavior)

  • Teaching a more appropriate behavior to replace the unwanted one

  • Managing the dog's environment wisely to prevent the continued practice of those problems

I can help you have better communication with your dog and teach them to trust. A confident dog is a better behaved dog.


Therapy and Service Dog Coaching

I train you to be the trainer. I'd love to speak with you about evaluating your dog to be a therapy or service animal!

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